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Join Ray Lampe, a.k.a Dr. BBQ, as he explains to Robby Melvin, the Southern Living test kitchen director, that if you’re going to put a burger on the menu at a BBQ restaurant, it better be a great one!

There’s nothing quite like biting into a deliciously juicy and flavorful cheeseburger, and Dr. BBQ has his grilled burger blend mastered to perfection. It all starts with the hamburger patty. Stay simple with salt and pepper, instead of a heavy rub. Dr. BBQ believes it’s a shame to put anything else on the patties, especially if you have good beef. Made with chuck brisket and short rib, this gourmet burger is high-quality and ultra tasty.

Dr. BBQ looks at BBQ like an art and not a science. Cook on direct hot fire. 450-500 degrees is how he likes it. Sear the patties first before closing the grill lid. Relish in the smell of fat cooking while the bottom of the burger browns—resist the urge to flip the patties and don’t think about it too hard. Once you flip them, close the grill lid. Remove the burgers from the grill and let them rest.

It’s important to use a good bun. Dr. BBQ swears by the brioche bun, which achieves the perfect bun to patty ratio. Toast the bun, it’s so much better. Every ingredient is important—there’s no doubt the toppings make this burger great. No Southern burger would be complete without a bit of comeback sauce. Next up is the rattlesnake queso, which boasts of tequila and habanero peppers for the perfect kick. Interestingly, Dr. BBQ tops his burger with fried leeks for a irresistible crunchiness. The pickled onions give this meal a delicious tanginess.

Sit down and enjoy the burger. It’s messy but totally worth it.

Get the recipe: https://www.southernliving.com/recipes/best-grilled-burger-blend

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